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■ Milli-Gauss meter MGM-1DS

Price 190,000 yen  


This device is a high-precision magnetic measuring device with a sensing component that uses an MI sensor, allowing for sub-miligauss microscopic magnetic fields to be steadily measured.

Measuring while walking is possible since it is battery powered.

Includes main device and magnetic shield tube for easy adjustment


 Option Parts

■ Measurement Probe Holder MGM-S1

Price 20,000 yen  


Holder stand for fixing a sensor probe for measurement purposes

■ Magnetic shield tube for 0-adjustment MGM-S3

Price 15,000 yen 


Dimensions: inner diameter 28mm, outer diameter 30mm、length 100mm, one end closed

Material: PC Permalloy

Attenuate ambient magnetic field less than 1/100 at the 20mm point from closed end of the tube.

Placing this tube along the east-west direction, i.e. orthogonal to geomagnetic field, gives less than 1-2 milligauss (100-200 nT) field inside the tube.

For easy 0 adjustment of the milligausmeter, set the probe deep enough to the tube and press reset button.

Avoid mechanical shock, such as dropping it on the floor, as this may lead to deterioration in material's permeability, resulting in reduction of shielding effectiveness.


 Frequency characteristics

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